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Telecommunications for Disaster Relief



Sumatra: “26th December 2004 — A day we won’t forget”


The Problem

When disaster strikes, as it does with seemingly increased frequency, the world’s relief and rescue agencies swing into action.
Within a few days, equipment and supplies are arriving from all over the world and the race is on to rescue survivors and to make sure they stay alive.

A whole family of UN agencies, Red Cross and Red Crescent also arrive, and sometimes a number of foreign military forces weigh in too.

Too often, confusion reigns. There is duplication and overlap. Arranging for the right supplies, and the right skills to get to the right place is a nightmare. Collaboration and cooperation is less than effective. The wrong things arrive in the wrong place. Huge effort and massive resources fail to have their full impact. Sometimes lives which could have been saved are lost, and suffering is prolonged.

The Solution

DRASTIC has the capability to rapidly deploy high performance, Internet connectivity via satellite almost anywhere on the surface of the earth. A typical ‘Internet Café’ installation can support over fifty simultaneous computer users and a number of international direct dial phone lines. They also act as a gathering point, catalyzing essential cooperation.

"Communicate - Coordinate - Collaborate!"


Disaster Relief


Business Models


Banda Aceh, 2005: Internet café established for UN and NGO workers*


Specialist communications knowledge and real field experience is needed to be able to deploy reliable, high performance and cost-effective communications in the wake of disasters.

DRASTIC has designed a single technology platform that delivers a consistent, predictable quality of service almost anywhere. We have also negotiated bandwidth from the top global suppliers. We know what we are getting and how it will perform.

DRASTIC engineers all the power generation, supply and storage to enable uninterrupted service, irrespective of city power availability. Lightning protection is integral to our implementations.

We thoroughly understand wireless networking and can distribute Internet connectivity to key points across a city, from a single satellite connection (depending on topography).

As required, we can pre-build rapid deployment kits, from boxed equipment, through trailer mounted kits to 40ft containers.

Our practice will be to have implementation teams stay on site for a period to ensure operators are fully trained and systems are working well.

DRASTIC participated in the Strong Angel III Disaster Response demonstration in San Diego, August 2006.  Read our blog of the event.

  Site search * Prior to formation of DRASTIC: This project was done through PACTEC  

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