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DRASTIC LLC was formed in 2005. It builds on the experience gained by its founders in over a decade of providing data communications solutions for Relief and Development organizations in some of the most austere conditions on earth. Working within Pactec International, we started to install VSAT (broadband by satellite) systems to assist NGO's (Non Government Organizations) as they came into Afghanistan in the Spring of 2002. Bringing broadband internet to a country with virtually no communications infrastructure is hugely enabling! After around 100 such systems were installed, we began to consider the needs of organizations working in similar situations across the globe. The concept of a global network was born.

"Parent" organization Pactec International is also involved is the provision of light aviation in developing nations, and was unable to give enough focus to encompass a global VSAT network. Thus, working with Pactec and other agencies, DRASTIC began to take shape.

DRASTIC got its name during the response to the 2004 Asian Tsunami. Whilst considering the plight of the tsunami survivors, someone proclaimed that "drastic situations call for a drastic response." The dictionary defines "drastic" as 'having a powerful effect or far-reaching consequences.' Of course, DRASTIC had to also become an acronym:- Disaster Relief And Strategic Telecommunications Infrastructure Company!

DRASTIC LLC is involved in the supply of VSAT and other communications equipment, together with bandwidth provision, to Relief, Aid and Development organizations working in the developing world. A Not-for-profit company is also in formation which will be involved in disaster response, indigenous training and sustainable / replicable business model development.


Rob Longhurst is CEO of DRASTIC. Rob has a broad commercial background in I.T. Sales, Marketing and General Management and Consulting. He has successfully established two businesses prior to DRASTIC. He has around ten years involvement in the Not-for-profit world on four continents. He holds a Masters degree in Information Technology and Management.

Dave Pedersen is VP Technical Services for DRASTIC. Dave has a background in Ham Radio and then in international sales of communications equipment. He was involved in early implementation of email over HF radio at around the time of the Rwanda genocides in 1994. Dave has developed a deep understanding of VSAT technology and has assisted the Global VSAT Forum (VSAT industry body) to develop some of its training materials.


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