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Using Wireless Networking is often the easiest way to share agood broadband Internet connection. Using the right equipment, high performance connections of 20Km or more are easily possible, where the terrain allows. Wirless networking can also be used within a customer site for controlled user access.



DRASTIC use Access Point and Client Premises Equipment (CPE) from Tranzeo WirelessTechnologies for the long range connections, along with bandwidth shaping routers from Mikrotik. Both 2.4GHz and 5.8GHz equipment has its place.

Our preferred equipment for user access control is currently from Zyxel.



In order to provide a line-of-sightbetween the two ends of a wireless link, it is often necessary to erect a tower. These can often be fabricated locally at relatively low cost. Alternatively, DRASTIC can supply them. We like to use freestanding aluminum towers . These hinge at the base, and can easily be "walked" up and down to maintain equipment fitted to them. They are also much lighter than steel for shipping. Like the VSAT and power equipment, Wireless equipment has to be properly lightning protected and earthed.

A Site survey form is available here [Microsoft Word , 439Kb] for wireless networking connections. The information from this form allows DRASTIC to calculate required tower heights and define other equipment needs.


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