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In the developing world, electrical power is often unreliable, and variable in quality. For maximum service life and effectiveness, VSAT and wireless networking equipment needs a continuous supply of stable and consistent electrical power. For this reason, we often have to supply power generation, stabilization, storage and switching solutions.

Power Generation

These can be driven by diesel or petrol (gas), or solar, wind or hydro power.


Voltage Regulators

Although most developing world electrical grids are supposed to supply 220-240volts, this can often be much different in reality. A voltage regulator takes the available power and modifies it to output a consistent 220-240volts.


Power Storage

Since grid (city) power is often interrupted, an inverter/charger system is frequently needed to store power in a battery bank, and to automatically switch over to supplying alternating current from the battery bank when grid power is unavailable.

DRASTIC use inverter/charger systems from Outback Power Systems.



The batteries that are often available in the developing world are cheap automotive batteries. These are designed to produce a high current for a short time to start engines. Ideally, for a communications system, deep-cycle batteries should be used. These are often not avalaible locally. DRASTIC can source deep-cycle batteries that are also non-HAZMAT and can therefore be transported by air if necessary.

To calculate the electrical supply that is needed, you can use the DRASTIC Power Budget Calculator  [Microsoft Excel , 120Kb]


Surge protection and earthing

DRASTIC also specify and supply the necessary surge protection and earthing equipment to protect your systems.


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